5 Ways Your Work Could Be Affecting Your Life

Last Updated : August 14 2017

5 Ways Your Work Could Be Affecting Your Life

by Emelia Berger 2017 August 09

5 Ways Your Work Could Be Affecting Your Life

Deadlines, conflicting demands, promised delivery, increased accessibility, mixed with a need for a life outside of work, does not easily tip the scales to personal well-being.

Get Focused

Determinewhat is important to you. That has to be the starting point. Prioritizing and then setting goals will focus you on your targets. It then makes it so much easier to apportion out your time appropriately. Know what your roles are at work and know what roles you want it to fulfill in your private life. Be sure that the balance you establish gives you maximum satisfaction.

To ensure that you meet your goals (both work-related and personal), it is prudent to define your goals as specifically as possible, give measurement to them, provide definite timelines, and although there needs to be some stretch or challenge to them, make them realistic and achievable given the parameters set. The last criterion for your goals would be to selectively share them - share them with those who will be affected by, or could affect, the goals, and also with those who will emotionally positively support you in your direction.

To be really focused, you need to find those aspects of your work or life that you can develop a passion for.

Get Organized

Beattuned to your patterns of working, as well as your high alert, medium concentration, and down times during a 24 hour cycle. This will help you allocate tasks to appropriate times in which to complete them. Ultimately you want to optimize the time you have available in order to reach your goals. This means disciplining yourself to work on your most important tasks, even though they may only be bite-sized chunks of a much larger project, rather than do the quick and easy, less important tasks that will make you feel better to cross them off in short order on your to-do list but, in reality, will bring you no closer to your goals.

Create an action plan that includes your goals or objectives, your deliverables, the tasks that need to be done in order to produce your deliverables, with deadline dates, and quality standards against which you can be measured. This will help organize you at work.

At home, a family action plan, or chore list will not go amiss. Re-look at how you are living your life. If most of your time outside of work is spent driving the children around to extra-murals, then review your family priorities and find creative options that meet
each individual child's needs while at the same time meeting the family's needs. Notice if you are moving items around the house in order to clean. If yes, then rather place one of each item needed in the relevant rooms. This will shave off minutes each day, which quickly add up. Avoid bringing paper from the mail into your home. Have a sorting station as you walk into the house - use the garbage bin, and the shredder liberally. Have a "to file" and a "to action" slot handy.


Get Connected

Create and maintain a support system both inside and outside of work. It truly
can help you withstand pressures that you may experience in your life. Do make sure that you fit with your job, your work area, and the organization. This fit must be in terms of needs, goals, performance required, competence, and the culture.

No one works alone. If you are in a position to do so, delegate to those who report to you. Use the 70% rule - if someone can do it 70% as well as you can, they are ready to take on the responsibility for the task, with some mentoring from you. Careful thought needs to be given to matching tasks to people correctly in terms of competence, experience, interest, and potential. Then delegation needs to occur with specific parameters set and communicated, authority handed over, and mechanisms for report back and feedback put in place.


Get Going

It is key to be challenged by what you are doing, to be committed to what you re doing,
and to be in control of what you are doing. The challenge comes from introducing stretch goals into your life. It is not about overloading your system. Instead it involves building personal excitement for what you are busy doing. The commitment implies that you are dedicated to something in your life. This engenders steadfastness and a strong sense
of satisfaction. The control that you need to have, or take back, in your life is crucial. It is the part that ensures you make a plan of action that truly reflects your priorities, that you clarify all expectations with your stakeholders, and that you take accountability for what you do and the quality standards at which you do it, as well as hold others accountable for their deliverables.

You also need to practice "selective neglect". Don't focus on anything that creates noise for you and the priorities that you have set. Relegate demands to the relevant level of attention.

It requires constant vigil to maintain a balance between vying work demands and between your work and your personal life. It is a juggling act worth perfecting!

Emelia Berger
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