How Has Your Job Affected Your Lifestyle

Last Updated : August 14 2017

How Has Your Job Affected Your Lifestyle

by Emelia Berger 2017 August 08

How Has Your Job Affected Your Lifestyle

I am a Radio sales executive, have been for the past six years and boy oh boy, has it been a roller coaster! Ups, downs,lefts and rights, literally. My job description dictates that I convert NO to YES. Vise versa would be a disaster. More like becoming a miracle worker.Yes you heard it right!

No is therefore an unheard of vocabulary in my life and I have basically learned, without wanting or trying to, to get the 'Yes' in every aspect of my life. Impossible has become a taboo and possibility now runs in my bloodstreams .

Being a woman who plays both parent roles, life tends to be tougher and has to be taken by the horns. I am glad that my life path led me to a sales job. Meeting and convincing strangers to buy is no easy task, but I had to develop characteristics that would carry me through this sales life. Winning had to be my song, my food and my life.I have carried this toughness into my personal life.

Having been that 'spoiled' kid as many called it, I didn't know how to step out of my comfort zone to get what I needed or wanted. It was provided to me on a silver spoon. Then life unexpectedly led me to sales and that's where it all began. The sales job has without doubt made me a go getter. Going out there and make it happen, something I had no idea existed until I found my self there. I was one of those people who believed that go-getting and toughness was a preserve for men.

My job as a sales person has made me get in touch with my time management skills; once very poor, people and communication skills and productivity.My sleep and rest routine had to change. Once an extrovert who believed in spending time outside; networking being the gospel, I later realized that my job needed a lot of rest for the brain to function perfectly the next day. So I found my self an introvert; to the chagrin of my friends.Yes, I also acquired a sleeping pattern. Early to bed and early to rise works wonders after all. Thanks to this sales job I learned this the hard way, literally

Sales job, as mentioned earlier, comes with meeting new people everyday, positive out look had to become a part of me. It is not easy to encounter ten different strangers with queer behaviors and disorders and still keep calm and composed. I had to learn. The rejection tears had to go turning into what they call 'thick skin.' I am afraid pretty soon my skin may turn into crocodile skin!

Sales job brought with it a great amount of freedom with minimal supervision. My planning skills hit a high as I have to plan my day the night before which become part of my lifestyle.

Everyday in sales is a new opportunity and I have learned to recognize them at the word go! Like the old sales saying goes,"If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will." This I understood pretty well and I have not let my competition,in different settings, grab an opportunity before I do.

My sales job has been challenging and sometimes scary, but an exciting ride altogether. It has come with a lot of life changing hacks that have stuck with me like a shadow to the man. How can I forget the commissions! On a good day I earn myself one more pair of shoe drawing near to beating Imelda Marcos' record. This is in itself glamorous, thanks to Sales.

Emelia Berger
#1 Emelia BergerAuthor 18 March, 2014, 12:37 Emelia was born and raised in Orange Country, CA. She is a businesswoman that managing her cosmetics and beauty products business.