The influence of technology on culture

Last Updated : August 14 2017

The influence of technology on culture

by Emelia Berger 2017 August 08

The influence of technology on culture

The Influence of Technology

Today about 79%of people uses internet and its useful features and online training are very much popular among professional these training module provide training through video, pictures, slide show and face to face conversation through web cam technology .now nobody has to come far from their home to attend regular classes one can easily listen their lecture or face to face conversation through web cam this save time and save transportation charges.

When you look around you, you will see that we truly live in a technological age. You might be having a computer or a laptop, a television, a video game console with a headset, or a cell phone with browser, mail, and chatting capabilities sitting in the same room you are in right now. You can text your friend to let them know you'll be on your way, or you can send a quick email to your secretary to book your next meeting. It all looks good on the outside, doesn't it?

There is, however, a good and bad side to everything, and technology is not an exception.
While technology has made significant advancements and has been beneficial, you can't disregard the fact that it has also affected businesses, individuals, and society as a whole negatively.

Technology has had a seemingly negative effect on one's self purpose. For thousands of years, people relied only on their selves to get the job done, or, in other words, to survive. With advancing technology, however, people do not have the basic skills for survival. How many people know how to catch a fish in a lake or forage for food in bushes? How many people, if forced to live outdoors, would survive? Most everything we need is conveniently available with just a quick drive to the mall or the grocery store.

If you have ever browsed through any type of forum, then you most likely have encountered a poster who showed a complete disregard for respect for another poster's views. Although we come across many different types of people with many different types of personalities in reality, the internet, simply put, sometimes becomes a place to vent. Because no one really knows who you are or can do anything about what you say, you can post the most hate-filled, condescending post ever without any fear of repercussions.
In reality, you might not say those things to that person, but the internet allows a person a certain level of anonymity. This causes a person to become desensitized and actually reflects on how they interact with others in real life.

Not to mention that your privacy is at risk every time you use your computer or cell phone because just about anyone can keep tabs on you. When you're on the internet, there could very well be someone tracking what you are doing. On your cell phone? Phone companies know where you are, and so do the satellites that are monitored by the government.

Advancing technology can not only prove to be detrimental to the way members of a society communicate with one another, but it might also hinder any development in jobs. A company can easily replace their employees in a manufacturing warehouse if they invested in machines to do the job instead. One company's investment in technology can drive other similar businesses to close because they produce faster and more efficiently. In addition, there are many companies who have suffered from technology. Newspapers, music stores, and companies who at one time hit it big with particular products have all seen the negative effects of technology. But growth in technology becomes the solution of this problem and rise of computer and web are part of this technology.

Emelia Berger
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